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The 8th edition of the Arquiteturas Film Festival is calling for entries until the 31st of December.
By tiagokrusse | 3 de Dezembro, 2019

“Bodies Out of Space” is the motto for the 8th edition of the Arquiteturas Film Festival 2020 taking place from the 2nd to the 7th of June  in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Following the past themes of the festival that have tackled contemporary issues concerning the built environment, we will continue housing an open forum for discussion, by means of personal, collective and global audiovisual stories from all corners of the world. The 8th edition of Arquiteturas aims to reflect on the social construction of space connected with a thread that circulates within its own narratives of domination. Narratives also of identity that is often stolen or forced into bodies. Against some current assumptions, we see this perceptual paradigm – an epitome of the vision of our times – as fundamentally social, spatial and corporeal. Architecture works along administrative, economic, political and structural powers that control, segregate and colonize, actively mapping the spatial territories inhabited by our bodies. Now, to be fair, this isn’t only a grim interpretation of the field, it is a call for actively thinking about our own spectator responsibility as we move through this maze of inequality as direct descendants of exploration of space and bodies. Our call for films is intended for anyone that is concerned with these issues and has a story to tell. We will be happy to receive adventurous, cinematic, responsible, poignant, challenging, historical, political, activist, experimental motion pictures.”

Arquiteturas Film Festival is accepting submissions through our partner platform FilmFestivalLife. Submit via the link below: