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The 13th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize is calling for entries with deadline set to 19th of December of 2018.
By tiagokrusse | 11 de Outubro, 2018

The 13th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize has officially opened. This international contest has 10 categories: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and short films, performance, virtual art, digital graphics, land art and this year’s new entry, urban art, design.

The contest theme is free and there are no age or nationality restrictions.  An international jury will choose 120 works that will be shown in a exhibition to be held in Venice, Italy, in March of 2019. There will be 6 prize money of € 7,000 each (painting, sculpture and installation | virtual art, photographic art | digital graphics, video art and short films |performance, landa art | urban art and design) and the printed publication in the official catalogue. The selection of the artworks will be made by an international jury composed of high level experts: the curator and head of the jury is Igor Zanti (Italy) followed by Maxa Zoller (Germany), Eva Gonzáles-Sancho (Spain), Vasili Tsereteli (Russia), Flavio Arensi (Italy), Alessandra Tiddia (Italy), Richard Noyce (United Kingdom), Simone Pallotta (Italy), Enrico Stefanelli (Italy), Filippo Andreatta (Italy), Alfonso Femia (Italy), Danilo Premoli (Italy) and Mattias Givell (Sweeden).

Arte Laguna Prize is an international art contest that has been promoting contemporary art for thirteen years, collecting thousands of applications from artists from all over the world. The exhibition in March of 2019 with the opening ceremony set for the 16th in the emblematic Arsenale of Venice, Italy. Beyond the prize money the participants will also have the chance to win several awards in collaboration with companies, foundations, galleries, including also other award of money prizes.