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The new book from Stuart Walker will be out in October of 2018, a publication by Routledge.
By tiagokrusse | 20 de Julho, 2018

It is good to know that Stuart Walker is maintaining his mission of delivering to us thoughts and perceptions of reality. His new book follows the 2017 release of “Design for Life – creating meaning in a distracted world”, also from Routledge.  He has informed us that “it is quite different from my earlier books – 100 short pieces (essays, poems, photo essays and longer discourses)”.

Robert Crocker at the University of South Australia says that Walker’s latest book is, “A rich compendium of sensitive reflections, poems, memories, critical reviews, and short combative essays, this book revisits the designer’s quest for values in a world overwhelmed by consumerism, greed, speed and seemingly unending environmental stupidity. Garnered from a lifetime of reading, travel, teaching and reflective design praxis, the short pieces in this book traverse a vast but always rewarding terrain. The journey is lively and enjoyable, and is lit up from within by the author’s erudition, sensitivity, deep respect for tradition and skill, and persistent ethical and aesthetic sensibility. I am confident that this book of glittering fragments will have a greater impact on young designers than many more seemingly essential tomes in design  theory.”

Stuart Walker is Professor of Design for Sustainability and a Director of the ImaginationLancaster Design Research Lab at Lancaster University. His research focuses on design for sustainability; aesthetics and meaning; and practice-based research that explores and expresses human values and spirituality. He has written and edited several books on these themes and his propositional and experimental design work has been exhibited in Canada, Australia, Italy and the UK, including the Design Museum, London.

He is also Visiting Professor of Sustainable Design at Kingston University and Emeritus Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada.

“Design Realities – Creativity, Nature and the Human Spirit” will be published in October by Routledge.