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The 4th of December is the final deadline to submit the Green Product and Concept Award 2021.
By tiagokrusse | 18 de Novembro, 2020

The Green Product and Concept Award 2021 is open for submissions until the 4th of December of 2020. As Nils Bader and his team say, they are looking for concepts as well as existing solutions in 11 categories that make a sustainable lifestyle a reality. Both awards are accompanied by an international jury and gathers partners “like IKEA Stiftung and country scouts who are looking for green innovators around the world.”

The organization of the awards will show entries and outcomes at trade fairs such as Neonyt, Heimtextil, Ambiente and on 330sqm at the International Craft & Trade Fair, Munich. It will also be “on a design trip with Deutschen Designtag under the motto “Designers unpack“, selected materials, prototypes and products provide the impetus in 12 German cities for workshops, talks and other projects.” The initiative is starting at Munich Creative Business Week, in March of 2021. There will be also a showroom in Berlin and “the construction of the future village settlement are in preparation.”

Design, Sustainability & Cooperation!

Since 2013, the Green Product Award has distinguished sustainable, innovative products and services that are already on the market and offers participants a platform for networking.

It is aimed at start-ups and established companies who are proud to show their achievements to a broad public. That’s about 4 million contacts online and over 100,000 at trade fairs. There is the Green Concept Award especially for concepts.

The main theme “Future Village” is about new living and a sustainable lifestyle in the 10 main categories.

Interested parties can apply all year round – the earlier the submission takes place, the more advantages there are.

In 2021, the Green Concept Award will also honor new concepts for sustainable materials, products and services that are not yet on the market.

It is aimed at young designers (students and graduates), start-ups and companies / institutions that want to show their concepts, develop them further, test them or market them in order to change society and the economy.

We support a selection of participants in the sense of an innovation agency with a variety of activities such as a presentation to industry & media, investors.