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By tiagokrusse | 16 de Junho, 2017

Ekaterina Elizarova present Porsche lamps, an extension to the Chapiteau collection, a work developd with Bosa, the Italian manufacturer. We’ve asked the Russian interior and industrial designer about this specific product and how it was developed.

Photo by Askar Kabzhan

What you find its new with the Porsche lamps?

Porsche lamps are similar to a sports car which embodies contemporary understanding of luxury and beauty. At the same time, they are handcrafted of ceramics, a material that has been known to mankind for centuries. And ceramic art has an old tradition of its own, which Bosa keeps. So, you’re safe to say that Porsche lamps combine the best from tradition with the contemporary concept of style and luxury which I also call new classics.

Why did you choose Bosa?

Apart from simply being one of leading ceramic manufacturers who deliver top-notch quality, Bosa themselves are artisans. They not just manufacture – they do artistry. This is very important for me because I see design as art, especially when working on limited edition or one-of-a-kind objects. Another reason is that Bosa have proved capable of meeting my requirements which are rather high.

Beside the aesthetic quality of the product what other elements would you underline in this production?

First of all, Porsche keep the tradition of handcrafting as a technology and represent the new classical style. Simple shape that is not overloaded with elements is a timeless thing, just like American old-timers from the 60s.

When did you start the project?

Last year. They are originally thought as an extension of Chapiteau collection which already has made its way to multiple international exhibitions. Yet Porsche are very special and stand out from other Chapiteau series.

How it was developed?

The idea behind Porsche is design as art. Design lovers who are already familiar with my works are now expecting unique, limited edition objects designed by Ekaterina Elizarova. I noticed that there is such demand and that it perfectly coincides with my own vision, inspiration and values. Porsche have become a very special extension of Chapiteau collection.

What were the reasons that lead you to move forward with the concept?

I guess my answer to your previous question explains that.

What are your expectations?

I do what I love to do, and I see that I yet manage to contribute to the beauty of this world. I see that unique objects by Ekaterina Elizarova are now highly demanded, and designing such is the happiest part of my work. The feeling is amazing, and I plan to keep on this track.

Photos: Courtesy of Ekaterina Elizarova Design