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The fifth edition of Graphic Days will take place in Turin, Italy, from 1 to the 11 of October of 2020 and Transitions is the chosen motto.
By tiagokrusse | 10 de Agosto, 2020

The Print Club Torino is presenting the fifth edition of Graphic Days, from the 1st to the 11th of October of 2020 in Turin, Italy. The motto chosen for this new edition is Transitions which will present workshops whose participants are coming from various professional fields and which the purpose is to enhance the dynamic aspect of visual design.

The press-release states that this year edition will host a series of appointments that involve ​associations, institutional bodies, professionals ​and​ agencies​ from the visual communication field that will ​discuss possible scenarios and new paradigms of our society and environment and their transitions through a systemic approach​. The programme includes talks and workshops dedicated to visual communication in all its forms. The participatory workshops, organized in collaboration with professionals, institutions and brands will represent the section of the festival dedicated to the insiders and will be accompanied by co-design labs able to activate future projects and apply the discussed debates within everyday life.

Transitions will also represent an ​experimental moment for the evolution of the Graphic Days® project: the organizers wanted to transform the restrictions related to the health emergency into an opportunity to rethink this year’s target audience by focusing on professionals of the sector. To maintain the inclusive aspects that have characterized the festival since its first edition, the organizers have extended open hours and scheduled talks in streaming for all those who wish to attend remotely. The exhibition itinerary will also be different compared to previous editions: ​Transitions​ offers a unique exhibition itinerary, which crosses different historical periods and geographical areas to tell the ​roots of Italian history and traditions​. The collective exhibition follows the theoretical concept of ​”Critical Regionalism”​, inspired by the homonymous architectural movement of Frampton. The original productions and sketches selected by the curators of the exhibition will recount the visual projects of the artists. Exhibition ​Singular Plural investigates the​ contemporary reinterpretations ​of the ​cultural archetypes​ and​ historical symbolisms​ of such a varied traditional Italian culture, which are harmonically and coherently inserted in local surroundings.

The Graphic Days is a cultural project lead by Print Club Torino and every year, since 2016, gathers renowed artists, professionals and agencies of the international scene. The project aims at ​supporting the cultural value of visual communication​, presenting ​new inspiring tools​ and ​promoting exchange​ with the audience through debates, exhibitions and installations.